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The world’s smallest downhill bikes for kids – Meekboyz

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The world’s smallest downhill bikes for kids – Meekboyz


As an epidemic of kids’ mountain biking spreads rapidly across the mountain bike world, one particular kids’ bike brand has burst through all the noise, MeekBoyz Bikes. Like many dads, founder Steven Meek, keen to vaccinate his two boys from a life of youth obesity and rampant screen time, he created a bike brand worthy of his young sons’ riding abilities.

Steve’s biggest frustration was not finding any kids’ bikes light enough and smooth enough to ride technical terrain. All the big brands available were heavy and sported low-end components that hindered flow, air-time, and agility. After experimenting with cutting down small adult aluminium frames and finding they still didn’t perform to expectations, Steve bit the bullet and designed a 20” carbon kids’ downhill bike, alongside commissioning a pricey bike mould for it.  The gamble paid off and this little 20” beast on wheels has caused quite a sensation in the children’s biking world.

The 20” full carbon downhill bike sports a double pivot linkage which encompasses an adult-sized shock that doesn’t need to be ran at low pressures. The standard shock can run at normal shop recommended pressures, 80 – 150psi. The Meekboyz high-performance linkage system is what makes the bike design so effective and it out-performs any other kids’ bike on the market today. Young riders from North America to Europe to Oceania and Asia are riding these sick bikes and sending jumps and technical sections that other kids’ bikes simply aren’t built for. The difference in riding progression is exponential when suddenly kids can handle the technical tracks and jumps that were previously out of reach.

The full carbon 20” MiniBeast, with titanium spokes, retails online for $6,800 USD and its older brother the Beast 24 retails for $7,500 USD.  Recently the biggest brother of the MeekBoyz bike range also arrived on the scene, the 26” MegaBeast. It is designed for riders aged approx. 13- 15 years old.

Founder Steve Meek is adamant that the bikes run the best high-grade components to complement the high-performance linkage system.  This attention to detail puts the bikes on a quality level equal to a pro rider’s bike. Steve makes a valid point that after a pro-rider, it is kids that next need to be running the best quality gear due to their smaller size and strength, not adults who can manhandle an average spec bike more easily due to their power to weight ratios. Interesting food for thought.

These bikes however, do cost a pretty penny and it takes a leap of faith to commit to one of these high, ticket price bikes.  “Once a family buys one online, their children immediately reap the benefits of exponential performance and the ability to ride well past the limits of the mainstream. It’s an investment well rewarded” says Steve.

MeekBoyz Bikes has evolved to cater for a niche in the market providing excellence for families who want the very best riding experience for their children. It evolved initially for Steve’s sons, Toby and Rory Meek to have access to the best bikes. The feel of riding a pro-level high-performance bike – those of us who have, know nothing else comes close to it. You can never go back. It’s the same for kids. Quality matters. The bikes come with full guarantees and have been tested by Toby and Rory, Toby who at age 13 conquered the full run on the infamous, Dream Line jump line in downhill mecca, Queenstown, New Zealand. These bikes have stood the test of time, tough terrain and skill-set of high-performance kids.

Home base for MeekBoyz is between Hong Kong and Queenstown, New Zealand. This southern hemisphere summer Toby will be racing the New Zealand Downhill Series and showcasing what these sensational bikes can do. Rory, age 11, had just come off the North American summer circuit where he claimed US Open MTB No.1 for his age group racing on the Beast 24. In the five different children’s age group categories at the US Open, Steve was stoked to see the MeekBoyz bike range steal four out of five podium spots there too: three 1st place podiums and a 3rd place podium. Telling statistics for niche bike brand that is sending ripples through the downhill biking scene and living up to its high expectations.

The next project Meekboyz founder, Steve is underway with is testing an enduro version of the 24” Beast carbon bike. He says this is the size range and age range where kids seem most keen to do some uphill pedaling as well as downhill.

As the quality and technology of downhill bikes keeps improving for young riders, those truly passionate about having a future in the sport now finally have the means to start early and excel on a bike that they won’t outperform.


Learn more: meekboyz.com


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