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Interview with Szymon Godziek after Red Bull Rampage

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Interview with Szymon Godziek after Red Bull Rampage


Hi Szymon! A few days ago you participated the Red Bull Rampage. How do you feel after that competition?

What’s up! Till yesterday I was feeling like hit by car but I’m getting better and better every day. Also feeling super stoked that rampage is over and I don’t have to wake up early everyday and go to dig or think about hitting gnarly step downs haha.

You have came back to Utah after 3 years break of activity. Have you felt more confident after that during the competition?

That wasn’t my first rampage but I felt like it is actually my first one. Couple years ago when Rampage was a part of FMB World Tour I got invited due to points in the ranking. I was 100% dirt jumper, I didn’t have a proper bike and any idea how to build there, but somehow survived. When I came back this year I still had the same feeling that I don’t know how to deal with this dirt, but at least felt better on a new proper freeride machine from NS bikes and had a vision in my head what I want to build and do in my run. At the moment I can say that two weeks ago before the digging started I was a rookie.

Photo: Peter Morning / Red Bull Content Pool

How did you feel with the fact that you start as the first?

At the beginning I was a bit pissed that I will be dropping first. In slopestyle nobody wants to do it, cause usually judging is the most missed and underscored. Couple days before the contest T-mac told me he opened the comp in Utah already 3 times and it’s fun – since then I was only thinking that I’m stoked I will be droping first and had no problem with that anymore. And judging at Rampage is definietly different than at slopestyle. Sitting here now I think that droping first in Rampage is the best, cause you dont have to wait for your run and stress even more.

During the first run landing you risky fell over. What do you remember from that moment?

I remember everything except my helmet falling off my head. It happened so fast I didnt even realized when. That crash was a big lesson to me. First of all I will never again leave such a sketchy jump for a contest. We should have a speed check jump or a roller before – something to judge the speed, cause it was lots of breaking before this feature. There was a lack of time before the contest to focus on it. I had the flip nohands practiced on it, and I hoped for the best that during my run I will be able to feel the proper speed again. Unfortunatly went way too fast for it haha.

You’re talking about the helmet falling off your head, is it possible that you have forgotten to zip it up or it fell down despite it was fasten?

That was my second lesson from this jump. My strap was loose. It was closed, but not tided enough. As a dj rider who uses only an openface helmets I would never thought that’s so important to have it tided be safe. I was lucky.

What were your plans regarding this year event, have you achieved them?

I had two goals. Spin a 360 on a flat drop and make it top10 to be invited next year. I’ve realized both so gotta be happy! I could do more in my run if not that stupid crash on flip nohands but I’m still glad with my 2018 rampage experience.

Photo:  Bartek Wolinski

Have the changing of bike made you more confident and let you achieved more?

By far. New partnerships with NS bikes and Spider Suspension made me aware of how the proper suspension is supposed to work. I’m glad I have a chance to ride on solid stuff and I feel good on it.

What are your plans for incoming season and Red Bull Rampage next year?

Next season I want to spend way more time on my freeride bike. I just love it. The experience me and my digging team got this year is huge and we will be more than ready to work on a line which will be able to put me on a podium. That 360 drop was the biggest one in my life and that was an incredible feeling to spin and land that – I want more!

Thank you for talk, take care!

Check out Szymon’s Instagram profile: www.instagram.com/szymongodziek/


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