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Review: Bloc Eyewear Aero Goggles

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Review: Bloc Eyewear Aero Goggles


The British manufacturer Bloc Eyewear’s goggles were created in truth for snowboarders, but they are successful in Downhill. Goggle frames are not too big, but the field of view still remains large enough to be able to overcome obstacles on the bike without hindrance.

We had the pleasure of using Bloc Aero goggles for over 2 years, after such a long time we know a lot about these goggles.

Bloc offers several color versions of frames and several collours of lenses. We chose a green model with a green frame and lenses, after more than 2 years of intensive use, the goggles are in really good condition, the foam padding as well and we have never had any problems with splashes etc.

Lenses are slightly scratched but it is barely noticeable when we ride in them, the mirror lenses are in very good condition, there is no possibility of any mirror coating falling off. The goggle frame is made of rubber plastic, so we do not have to worry about any splinters, goggles will stay in good condition for a long time. The rubber sticks very well to both the fullface downhill helmets and openface enduro helmets.

Earlier, we mentioned that the goggles were made for the winter madness, thanks to that the lenses evaporates very quickly, it is beneficial in winter days. The lenses  in our model are tinted and have a purple color from the inside. They work perfectly on sunny days, on the manufacturer’s website you can find more lenses options and frames.

Credit: Bloc Eyewear

Lens simulator:
CAT 3 18-8% light transmission. Heavily tinted for bright to extremely bright light conditions


– They’re very stylish
– Lens evaporate quickly
– Very durable
– Comfortable sponges


–  No tear-offs are avaliable for them
–  Limited colourways

Price: £ 40.00

Buy them at Bloc Eyewear website.


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