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Interview with Marine Cabirou, fastest women on earth.


Marine Cabirou is a young French rider, two-time downhill World Cup winner. We were able to ask her a few questions after her winning Lenzerheide.

Words: Adrian Padoł |Photos: Keno Derelyn

Smile, please.

Adrian: The 2019 UCI World Cup race in Lenzerheide has already taken place and it was a great time for you . You took the 1st place with a 0.2 seconds advantage, how do you feel about your big success?

Marine: I’m jus really super happy, two win in a row is just crazy, I can’t explain how was this feeling … it was just amazing !

DH: How do you prepare before the race run? Do you have some rutines which helps you to get on an energy, like relaxing with music, or “rides” the track in your mind maybe?

M: Yes I have a little warm up routine, we have build this one with my coach and also just before my race run I like do all the track in my mind, just to be sure about all my line and everything …

Fastest women on the planet.

A: Regarding to your great achivements, could you say some words about your focus while a training. How do you set the goal?

M: I’m serious with my training because my trainer do a planning and I follow this one, but when I ride in bike downhill, enduro, bmx, … I’m not always focus because I love have lot of fun on my bike and I just enjoy my ride !  

A: Do you train your condition on road bikes or sticks to moutain bikes only? 

M: I ride a lot on road bike during the winter training and also between the race for some intensity sesh.

A: What does your training plan looks like? 

M: Depending sometimes, it’s a little bit various between gym, road bike, BMX, pumptrack, downhill, enduro, motorbike also but during the winter I like doing some other activity like climbing, … 

She’s on fire!

A: Which World Cup track is your favorite one?

M: Val di sole and Vallnord are my favorite, because the track is really step and technical !

A: Can you tell us what’s your favorite part of track in Lenzerheide?

M: My favorite part in Lenzerheide is the new step part with all the wood section after

A: This Year sees the addition of new World Cup track in Snowshoe, West Virginia. Have you ridden the track before? 

M: No I have never ride this track, it’s the first time for me in the USA.

A: How do you feel on new Gambler? How is it comparing to its predecessor? 

M: The new Gambler it’s just awesome, I’m feel super easy on this bike because the bike is so ligth and when you riding you feel like if you can do what you want with this bike, everything is super easy.

I can’t compare with the old one, because I have never ride its predecessor.

Marine’s carbon Scott Gambler.

A: What are your plans for the rest of this season and the upcoming 2020 one. Do you transfer your relative sponsorship contracts to next season, or have you got some interesting offert?

M: I’m always in contract with Scott for 2020 because I had sign 2 years.

Marine and her teammates.

A: Behind the scenes of mountain biking how do you spend your time, do you spend the time on any other sport, hobby or studying?

M: Yes I do continue my study in same time, I do a Master in Marketing but by e-learning, and also I like do some other sport and share some time with my family and friends. 

A: For followers, could you describe shortly the beggining of your mountain bike adventure. How did go the first bike race, was it for fun only or it went proffesional from the first step? 

M: I start riding downhill with my brother, he takes me with him everytime …

I was young for my first bike race, I had 7 years old, it’s was really just for fun and share a good time with my friends, my brother, … I just take many pleasure on my bike and I win the race! 

A: What was the hardest moment while your carreer? 

M: When I broken my vertebra in 2015, in Lenzerheide World Cup, I was junior, I had a big crash and a vertebra fracture…

A: We would be very grateful if you could give any advice to our followers who are crazy about biking.

M: Just have fun enjoy your bike and don’t get your head ! 

A: Thanks for talking, we wish you all best! 


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