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Box One DH Drivetrain – long term test

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Box One DH Drivetrain – long term test


For nearly a year now, we have been testing the Box Components drivetrain on both our full suspension and hardtail bikes. Not once did the chain drop off the chainring. Our first observation was that it is very quiet, not only on the downhill bike but also on the hardtail. Changing gears is a piece of cake for the derailleur, even on very rough sections of downhill trails.

Thanks for Vinci Project for setting up our drivetrain.

After nearly a year of intensive riding and constant abuse, it still looks fresh and works without fault. No screws have become loose during this time, and the cassette looks like it could survive a few more seasons.

Both the derailleur and the shifter stand out visually from the other products available. At every event we have been to, many people were interested in the appearance of this unusual drivetrain (BOX does not yet have a distribution in Poland, this fact definitely increased interest in the product).

As we have already mentioned, the drivetrain stands out from other products on the market, constructed from a mix of metal and composites. Thanks to that it weights 279 grams / 9.8 ounces

The shifter has a gear shifting system like Shimano do, we can increase the gear with thumb and forefinger, everyone will find his favorite method. I think replace this sentence with:

Box One Dh mounted to hardtail bike was performing pretty good!
Just look at that diamond!

The operation and shifting of the Box Drivetrain is similar to the existing products on the market available from its main competitors: press a big shifter paddle to change into the lower, easier gears and click the smaller shifter paddle to change up into the harder gears.

To ensure chain retention while riding, the derailleur utilises a cam clutch which works rather effectively. Unfortunately, there is no way to lock-out the clutch, or to release the clutch, making it a little cumbersome to install or remove the rear wheel (the 2 main industry players have patented almost every design option available to make this possible). In my opinion, the only con of this product.

Box drivetrain looks so good on Kellys Noid.


BOX ONE DH is a very successful drivetrain, they’ve achieved what they set out to: it is quiet, reliable and stands out from the crowd. Gears change smoothly and the drivetrain is  itself a work of art.

So if you are looking for a decent drivetrain that will always work, BOX ONE DH is something you are looking for. 

Price: 325 US$


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