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Slicy is a France based company manufactures and markets custom mudguards. The company expanded its product line by custom frame wraps, tire inserts and other bike goodies. You can pimp your bike pretty well with their help. 

I have been testing Smooth for over a month at different downhill trails and also freeride jumps, and I’m happy to say that any rim and any tire as well were broken. The Smooth didn’t absorb any sealant, at least I didn’t notice that. The structure of the tire insert allows air and a sealant to move around the tire freely and I noticed any problem with sealing punctures. Since the tire insert does not block the airflow and the valve, you do not need special valves.

Thanks to the Slicy Smooth you can increase the grip of your tires, and you are able to easily ride at lower tire pressure and even you don`t need to worry at all about damaging the wheels. Thanks to that you will be able to make the most out of your bike, and it will definitely make you more confident on the trials. In case of tires air loss, the insert will allow you to get home / finish.

To install the Slicy Smooth is not difficult, I spent about 20 minutes only to mount it on the front and rear wheels of downhill bike. All you need to do, is to cut the tire insert to your wheel size and strap it together with the attached velcro strimp. Installing tires with an insert does not cause any problem, this is a surplus. From my perspective and a long experience, I could say that installing the other tires inserts is usually very frustrating.

You can buy your Slicy Smooth for 44,90 € here.

Have a look at the Slicy Smooth install video below.


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