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Is that end of carbon era? – All new Kellys THEOS F

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Is that end of carbon era? – All new Kellys THEOS F


Kellys Bicycles are saying that THEOS F is a gamechanger. It is the first full-suspension e-bike in the industry with the advanced frame made of all-new revolutionary material, hybrid of plastics, stell and carbon composite made by robots! That seems really serious.

The THEOS F frame is 200% stronger without any weight penalty compared to resin carbon fiber composites. From now on, the rider can fully benefit from the lightness of the frame without any worries about cracks, dents, fractures…

Check out this video, you will learn a lot from it about this revolutionary frame:

Renders of the new bikes are pretty awesome. Have a look at video showing more details of the bike:

Available models

All-new THEOS F comes in two variants: SUPER-ENDURO (F90 and F70) with 180/170 millimeters of travel and ENDURO (F50) with reduced travel of 150/140 millimetres. Despite the variant, THEOS F utilises mullet layout with 29” front, and 27.5+” rear wheel for swift cornering, much better handling and speed. All-new chassis is full-composite, which means there are no metallic inserts used to increase the durability even more and reduce weight.

Kellys THEOS F 90

Kellys THEOS F 70


Kellys THEOS F 50 TEAL

The next generation progressive geometry with short chainstays was applied to achieve extremely reduced standover height and lowered centre of gravity for stability and grip combined with slack headtube angle for ultimate downhill performance. Thanks to unique design the frame is ready for long-travel dropper posts (up to 200 mm), so desired by today’s progressive riders.


  • frame has “spaceship” materials and technology. You will feel like a Iron Man riding on it.
  • it’s ligther and 200% more durable than carbon
  • big battery (20AH)
  • super enduro and enduro version
  • serial bike is mullet (FRONT: 29”, REAR: 27.5”+)
  • progressive geometry and low center of gravity, just like downhill bike

THEOS F-Series are going to be available at beginning of the 2021. Stay tuned!


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